"HERPOtherm" electronic lipstick

"HERPOtherm" for the traetment of cold sores

The Herpotherm is a medical device which is capable of preventing the development

of lip herpes when used at the appropriate time.

No uncomfortable, unattractive blisters and no sensation of sores

will occur in the lip area.

The instrument in lipstick form is small and compact and can be easily

carried around for handy use any time.

Everyone, regardless of gender or age, can use the Herpotherm.

For  reasons of hygiene, the Herpotherm shoud always be used by only one individual.

With the Herpotherm, symtoms of the herpes infection are effectively cobated.


Infection with the herpes-simplex-virus cannot, however, be reversed.


The treatment of herpes with the Herpotherm takes place with the help

of a concentrated heat in the range of 50-51°C which, when applied at the proper time,

prevents the formation of the blisters and allows the further symptoms ( prickly sensation, burns, itchiness, feeling of tightness, pain) to subside quickly.


The Herpotherm is a medical device made in Germany with 100% end control

of the reported application parameters.

Heroptherm is dermatologically tested !


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"HERPOtherm" for the traetment of cold sores,the instrument is in lipstick form with batterie.Heroptherm is dermatologically tested !
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